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Our Service Includes

Strategy, Policy and Procedure

  • Human Capital Audit: a 3600 review of the way in which your company manages its most valuable asset, Human Capital.
  • Strategy development: build an HR strategy based on the information learned in the audit. Ensure the strategy dovetails effectively with the company’s overall vision mission and goals.
  • Structure of a project plan for implementation
  • Hands-on assistance in securing buy-in from staff and unions

Procedural assistance

  • Tailor employment agreements for employees, casuals, fixed termers and independent contractors.
  • Change management, Restructuring and Redundancy Issues
  • Pre and Post-employment staff background and CV checks
  • Disciplinary and Covert investigations
  • Disciplinary Matters
  • Personal Grievances
  • Wage and other negotiations with Unions
  • Conflict resolution, Strike handling and mediation.

Our team have over 40 years of experience in providing professional advice to a vast array of businesses. We have assisted with

  • HR Policy and operational procedure development,
  • Trades Union recognition and collective agreement negotiation,
  • Employment and Wage negotiations,
  • Strike Handling,
  • Restructuring / Change Management,
  • Human Capital Productivity Management,
  • Employee Assistance Management Programs,
  • Client representation at; disciplinary hearings, investigations, Mediations, arbitrations, Labour court and Appeal Court.

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