Hi Mike,

Many thanks for your assistance and the outcome of my Personal Grievance. I appreciate your guidance and professionalism throughout this process. I have no qualms in recommending you and the service you provide – it was first-rate.


Hi Mike,

We would like to say that your advice & support for us was fantastic. Right through the unfair dismissal process, we knew what was happening and even with the Zoom meetings and mediation we were very comfortable.

The outcome was good and we will highly recommend your services to other people.

Kind regards

Hi Dave,

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and we want to say thank you for your help with this case.

We knew that this case is not that easy, as you need to take care of five participants at the same time, and James was being quite difficult during the time.

So we feel very lucky to have you as our lawyer, as you are a really professional lawyer and have always been so patient with us.

If someone else needs an employment advocate in the future, we will definitely recommend you. Once again, we really appreciate your help during this time, thanks and wish you all the best!

Kind regards

Hi Dave

Money should be through Dave , thank you for all your help!!

Will be recommending you to anyone in the future 

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Thanks so much Mike, for your help and support.  
It was certainly reassuring to know someone was willing to stick up for him, besides me.
Much appreciated.

Hi Mike,

S… checked her bank account and the money went in on Friday so all good.

She and myself would like to thank you for getting this result for her and I will recommend you to other people if they have a similar problem.

Many thanks.

Kind regards,

D & S

Hi Dave, 

I just want to say thank you again for your input and time on Wednesday, Im glad you put them in their place and that we got a reasonable outcome. It would have been nice to have walked out with a few $’s but hey at least I didn’t leave with less $’s. Think I got more satisfaction by seeing ………. shake in his boots..

 Ill definitely recommend your business and services to more people. 

Thanks again.

“Awesome!!! Thanks mate, you do a good bit of work for not much in return, but its a good job you do and I hope you take some satisfaction in that, sticking up for the little guy etc…”

Hi Dave,
I received payment on Monday……

Thanks again for all your help. In the end I found it all a thoroughly pleasant afternoon, due not only to your calm and competent manner and expertise, but also to the interesting and diverse conversation. Very much appreciated at a time that could otherwise have been most stressful.

All the best.